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February 2010
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Welcome to the fifth edition of our Global Member Care Network Newsletter. We send out this newsletter 12 times a year, around the 15th of each month.


Emergencies like Haiti provoke that international organizations show up to provide medical help and reconstruction and food distribution.
However, little attention is being paid to the psychological and spiritual afflictions like: post traumatic stress disorder, major depression and guilt survivor disorders that usually emerge in the post disaster stage. (los socorristas miran lo externo pero no el dolor interno)
The GMCN has a pull of member care people who speaks English, Spanish and French and as a team we could connect with the churches in Port Pince and from other areas in Haiti with two aims:
1) Process the dissaster trauma with the survivor pastors and church leaders hoping for some healing, and
2) train church leaders and pastors on how to do debriefing with people in their congregation and on how to promote a healthy elaboration and integration of the losses that took place due to the earthquake.
I have a booklet printed by EIRENE entlited crisis intervention and emotional recuperation. This is a 12 page booklet that could be translated in French or English to distribute among the church leaders. Other GMCN team members could have educational materials printed in English or another language that would be helpful to translate for the church leaders in Haiti.
Past experiences in disasters have shown that when survivors don't receive psychological or counseling services the mild depression that most survivors will experience, which could be about 60%, could turn into major depression cases and other acute cases that survivors mask by abusing alcohol, drugs, domestic violence and abandoning their faith. At the same time, the literature and longitudinal studies about survivors of natural disasters have shown that the psychological symptoms decreased when counseling and psychological services are given to the survivors after their shelter, medicine and food supply is resolved.
Carlos Pinto, Quito, Equador
Some good thoughts, resources and input by Brent Lindquist of Link Care Center in the USA can be found here

This months topics:
- 1. Reports/News/Requests - The First Degree Program in Member Care
- 2. Reports/News/Requests - MemberCare Media Coordinated Response for Haiti
- 3. Reports/News/Requests - Internship At Bethel Retreat House, India

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Barnabas International and ELIM Retreat Ministries will sponsor 8 Retreats in the States in 2010. Each Retreat is 6 days in length, for adult couples and singles. The emphasis is on debriefing and reentry; spiritual formation and preventative pastoral care. The retreats are offered in exceptionally beautiful environments, for 10-15 registrants. Leadership offered by staff of Barnabas International and member care leadership from a variety of agencies and local churches. Lots of time to play, sleep, rest and worship. See for more information, video, pics and registration. Contact with questions.

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The First Degree Program in Member Care
- Now it is possible at Columbia International University to earn a degree in Member Care. There is opportunity to enroll in a Masters Degree Program, a Doctor of Ministry Degree Program, and for the mental health professional a Professional Certificate Program to hold a specialization in Member Care. There are 2 tracks available for the Member Care Specialist and for the Clinical Specialist working in Member Care.
Member Care Studies has a strong focus on skills development with attention given to the students personal & spiritual development to enhance effectiveness. Numerous students desire to incorporate classes from Intercultural Studies, English as a Second Language training, Muslims studies at the Zemmer Institute or to enroll in the Foreign Language Institute. For Bible & Theology college majors there is a program offering advanced standing in the Masters Program. For those serving in full-time field assignments there are online courses available and Member Care classes are held as one-week intensive course limiting residence.
For more information contact: Dr. Roni Pruitt

MemberCare Media Coordinated Response for Haiti
- Please read the article by Brent Lindquist, Ph.D. click here

Internship At Bethel Retreat House, India
- INTERNSHIPS , At Bethel Retreat House, India
Would you like to make a difference in a weary worker’s life?
Bethel Retreat House in Goa is offering internships for 3-6 months in the areas of
- prayer ministry
- counseling
- member care - ministry of encouragement.
You will have an opportunity to work alongside and learn from experienced counselors, prayer ministers, member care workers and retreat leaders. click here for more info



Southeastern Asia

The Well Member Care Center Chiangmai Thailand
- The Well is a Christian Member Care Center which promotes the well-being and effectiveness of Christian workers and organizations, and Member Care providers in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Asia.
The Well’s services include debriefing, counseling and pastoral care, leadership and organizational consultation, conflict resolution, and team building.
The Well also offers seminars and workshops related to these topics.The Well offers preventive Member Care by caring for people’s spiritual, emotional and relational well-being.

Cornerstone Counseling Foundation, Chiangmai Thailand
- We provide professional counseling, consultation, and training from a Christian perspective to those living in Thailand and throughout Asia

The Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC)
- The Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC) exists to meet the educational needs of many expatriate families living in Asia. It provides important support and targeted services through a network of regional conferences, family consultations, testing services, resource centers, and online resources. Members can learn more about AERC by logging in and visiting the various pages of this web site.

Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute (ACTI)
- At the Asian Cross-Cultural Training Institute (ACTI), prospective cross-cultural Christian workers from across the world meet the real challenges of cross-cultural living in cosmopolitan Singapore. Formal lectures give strategic information about various aspects of the world of missions, while hands-on workshops offer skill development. Through the community life, trainees learn first-hand the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, stress management, raising and keeping a missionary family together, and above all, practising true discipleship.


Western Europe

10-Day Retreat for Cross-Cultural Workers, Switzerland
- Breathe is a 10-day retreat intentionally created for the renewal and encouragement of singles, couples, and families who serve in cross-cultural settings. Several professional services are offered to you and your family including counseling, medical consultation, educational advice, computer tech support, and massage. Teaching, worship and other activities are focused on spiritual and emotional restoration for your soul. Programs for children are led by a caring staff. click here for more info


Missionary Enrichment Retreat (MER) New Zealand
- MERs are biannual retreats designed especially for the missionary. They provide opportunities for missionaries to reflect on their experience, evaluate how they have coped, and equip themselves for the future in a safe place away from pressure and with people who understand. Professionally qualified and mission-experienced facilitators will be running these retreats.

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- Guía del IASC sobre Salud Mental y Apoyo Psicosocial en Emergencias Humanitarias y Catástrofes

- Directives du Cpi concernant la santé mentale et le soutien psychosocial dans les situations d’urgence

- IASC Guidelines on Mental health and Psychosocial support in emergency settings


Educare is a free resource for third culture families
- click here

psychological support during disasters
- Psychological Support: Best Practices from Red Cross and Red Crescent Programmes click here

Guidelines on Mental health and Psychosocial support in emergency settings
- Available in Arabic, English, French, Spanish click here. To download engl version of Iasc Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings go here:


Book: Working from a place of rest
- My latest book, Working from a place of rest (BRF 2010), by Tony Horsfall, with a foreword by Dr Debbie Hawker. It looks at the example of Jesus as a pattern for sustaining ministry over the long haul. amazon link


Member Care Network Chiangmai Thailand
- Jan newsletter click here

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Step Aside For Encouragement (SAFE), Singapore
- Step Aside For Encouragement (SAFE) is designed to help give cross-cultural workers a time-out from their busy schedules in order to relax, examine their situation and plan for the future.
Next program: 18 to 30 April 2010, at ACTI in Singapore.
For more information visit website, contact us or download the word document: download word document here

Charis Training retreat, Johor, Malaysia

- Charis Training retreat for those in full time ministry, led by Tony Horsfall, in Pulau Springs, Johor, Malaysia (27-31 October 2010). For information contact grace Lim (


- Missionary Enrichment Retreat (MER) New Zealand , May: 3 - 8 May, October: 27 Oct - 1 Nov click here


Care Connexion 2010 on April 16-17, 2010, USA
- Missionary Care Conference Coming to the Pacific Northwest --click here for more info

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