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September 2010
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"Today our missionaries were successfully taken out from the place of interethnic conflict in a city Osh, in the south of Kirgizstan. Thanks to God, accompanied by the soldiery armoured troop-carriers, they were delivered in the nearest working airport, and later on were transported to a safe place. They say that without international peacemaking forces this conflict will not end soon”

I received this message from a friend in Ukraine a few months ago. He heads up a new sending movement – not an agency but a group of local churches.
For years, agencies have been in charge of overseas mission but the tide is turning. Increasingly churches are either sending independently or wanting to play a much larger part in the lives of their people. And that can only be healthy – and Biblical!
The challenge is that many of these bodies, with the best of goodwill, do not have the necessary knowledge and expertise to give their workers the best start and support. The new challenge to member care is to develop resources and policies which not only include the local church but put the church at the centre of activity. It requires building bridges into the national churches and involves giving information, equipping and resourcing the preparation and ongoing support of cross-cultural workers, wherever they are from and wherever they are going.
But this is not a challenge that member care alone is facing. The global mission movement has to address the issue and embrace the local church in the fold of international consultations. I am not going to South Africa, but I would be interested to know how many church bodies are represented there and how many church organisations are on the date base of WEAMC.
I believe this is an exciting and strategic challenge for member care and WECMC. How will we respond? For me, I’m off to Ukraine to learn about their situation and to teach a small group of leaders, not merely on how to do member care but how to enable others. Life in the Kingdom is never dull. (Marion Knell, UK)


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Blogs and Member Care
Last month we spoke about Blogs and Member Care. Here are some resources readers shared with us.

Blog - Paradise Lost In Translation - Tales of a lonely exile

Blog - I was interested to see the repatriating transitions blog and your question re: blogging and member care. Since moving to Dubai a year ago, I have found many many people all over the world - Christian and otherwise - using online social networks to provide practical and personal help to expats. Since deciding to leave an established agency and agency-based models to set out by faith in a new country doing a new thing, I've been, among other things, writing a blog, lightspot with the aims to normalize cross-cultural transition issues for others, to help people think about spirituality (i.e. God) as a vital part of their transition experience, and to force myself, in the writing process, to face my own issues that inevitably arise in any cross-cultural transition.

Blog - expatwomen

List of Christian guesthouses around the world



Southeastern Asia

Juniper Tree Thailand
- Juniper Tree Thailand The Juniper Tree Dolphin Bay is located in southern Thailand, right beside the beach, approximately 40 minutes drive from Hua Hin. It is a beautiful, quiet location with modern buildings and a swimming pool.


Northern Europe

The Leadership Matters Course , UK
- The Leadership Matters Course is a 2 week intensive course, focussed on developing basic leadership skills for Christian workers around the world. The International Training Alliance is an organization which has come into being in response to the deep need for Leadership training in the developing world. Several leaders responded to the need, specifically focusing on delivering an interactive course where skills and knowledge are passed on to the participants. It was recognized that while there are many books on the subject of leadership, training is also needed for leaders to reach their full potential.Experienced leaders from several cross cultural organizations have joined together in cooperation helping to meet the need for this specialized training. /

5. Middle East

Community Stress Prevention Center in Israel
- Here you can find information about the Community Stress Prevention Center, their recent activities and courses, as well as useful material and articles concerning emergency management. We offer you books and therapeutic cards for sale and workshops how to make best use of them. If there is anything further you would like to know then contact us at
Resources in Hebrew:
Resources in English:

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- Resources in Spanish.

* Entre Jóvenes, produced in the Dominican Republic, is a magazine style program that provides professional insight into the feelings, fears and thoughts of young people. Topics cover such areas as friendship, dating, fun, sports, adventures drugs, employment, studies, parents and self identity.
* Produced in Cuba, Mensajes de Fe y Esperance is a daily five minute programs that discusses issues such as family life, interpersonal relationships, child rearing, superstitions, poverty and other concerns, while pointing listeners to faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
* A weekly conversational style program called Cosas de Nosotras, produced in the Dominican Republic, seeks to provide guidance and answers to the problems and challenges faced by Latin American women in their daily lives.
* Integración Familiar is a program designed to strengthen families across Latin America. Produced in the Dominican Republic by a team of professional counselors, this program brings a helping hand to families on a daily basis.
* Tierra Firme, a 30-minute weekly program produced by TWR-Uruguay, is providing a means for intellectuals in Latin America to be challenged by God’s Word. Christianity is presented as having the answer to all aspects of human life, including culture, the arts, literature and social problems.
* Radio Logos is a daily program that uses dramatic Bible reading and discussion to help listeners understand the meaning of the passage.
* Escuela Biblica RTM was developed by in Venezuela to provide systematic training to pastors and other church leaders. Written course materials and tests are available for those who desire to do more than simply audit the training sessions on the air.


- The latest issue of the mmct communiqué, a digest of member care resources and events, is now available. To view and download it, click mmct communiqué for August 2010 (a viewing tip: After downloading and opening the communiqué, go to View in Adobe Reader's main menu* and then choose Full Screen Mode).
This issue's focus is Singleness. We hope you'll take a moment to browse its contents and check out the links to its on-line resources. We welcome your feedback on its content and format -- even on the way it arrived in your in-box -- as well as recommendations for other resources. Feel free to forward this to others on your team and any have an interest in member care.
By the way, all back issues of the communiqué are now available on the the new mmct website.


Recovering from Traumatic Stress: A Guide for Missionaries
- Please let your membership know that our book, Recovering from Traumatic Stress: A Guide for Missionaries is now available through Willliam Carey Library, The book provides information about the symptoms of traumatic stress as well as resources for missionaries throughout the globe. Joyce Pelletier, LCPC


Link Care Newsletter
- Link Care newsletter on Reflective Listening[single]=299

Chiangmai Thailand newsletter

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Missionary Care Course (MCC), Singapore
- Are you losing your missionaries or church staff for the wrong reasons? Are you losing them for reasons like unresolved conflict, burnout, lack of support or low morale? If your answer to these questions is “Yes” then this course if for you! MCC is a four week course designed to help develop the effectiveness of your missionaries and to provide preventive care and development. The course gives practical guidelines for encouraging growth and spiritual vitality for those called to reach others in obedience to the Great Commission.

Child Safety & Protection Network, South Korea 2010
- The Child Safety & Protection Network is composed of over 40 mission organizations, NGOs, and international schools committed to establishing best practice standards in child safety prevention and response for mission organizations. Attached is an announcement for upcoming training in South Korea November 24, 2010 for organizations in the Asia area, to include in your newsletter or whatever publications would distribute the information. go here for more infos and downloads[single]=304

Working with Distressed Couples Workshop, KL-Malaysia
- Dates - 3rd September, 2010 (Friday) Time - 9.00 a.m – 1.00 p.m Admission - FREE (For administrative purpose and as indication of your interest, kindly register your names vide Venue - Rooms 1-3, L4 Wisma FGA[single]=295

Emotional Wellness Workshop, KL-Malaysia
- UNDERSTANDING THE APPLICATIONS OF PASTORAL CARE, COUNSELLING AND HEALING & DELIVERANCE IN EMOTIONAL WELLNESS Dates - 2nd September, 2010 (Thursday) Time - 9.00a.m – 5.00p.m Admission - FREE (For administrative purpose and as indication of your interest, kindly register your names vide Venue - Rooms 1-3, L4 Wisma FGA[single]=296


Interhealth UK workshops

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