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November 2010
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Editorial :
Many people reacted to last month editorial on "The Forgotten Ones"
Here are some samples:

"Harry. Your opening paragraph put words to our feelings, as we visit churches in America. In some ways, we just don’t fit in anywhere! Understandably…times change, people move on, and we shouldn’t expect it to be different. But it makes one feel a bit sad, all the same. "

"Thanks Harry, I believe you echo what many out there feel! Hopefully those of us in Member Care can at least be prepared to minister to those who are now finding themselves out of step. It's another example of what I call NTS or New Thing Syndrome, a misinterpretation of Isiah 43:19 "the Lord is doing a new thing". So often those at the forefront of new trends in Church life and mission are all too ready to through out the baby with the bathwater, to completely discount what others have done before. Another example of secularisation creeping in to Christianity I guess. Some of us have "reinvented" ourselves and our ministry - updated our approaches rather than becoming abandoned but in member care we are going to see a lot more causalities of these New Trends. I have drawn the attention of the new Chairman and the new Team Leader to this and recommended that they alert the staff and prepare a response to those guests who will inevitably become part of the "forgotten Ones"

"Dear Harry, You email is a wake-up call to remind me to pray for our American and European fellow-missionaries. Thank-you. I'll do my best to spread the call to prayer among the intercessors I have contact with. "

"Dear Brother Harry, Thank you for a very relevant piece. Many missionaries are becoming stranded and disillusioned. If one tries to work in an area like (...), it becomes more acute as no one really wants to back such work or face the risks. It really is hard on the self and marriage and the home."

"I just read your opening letter in the October GMCN newsletter. My husband, and I are some of those you wrote about - the 10+ years people. Our ministry locations and focuses have changed, as you can imagine in our 22+ years but here we still are. What you wrote is incredibly true, which you know because you wrote it! I admit to having felt very critical at times and thinking we should be recognized more. God actually gave us some of those moments during our past "furlough" -even receiving standing ovations which I wasn't quite sure what to do with!!! We appreciate your prayers knowing God has fully led us here but quite aware we may be called but relying on Him to equip us!! Thank you for your words. Thank you for your ministry. May God's gentle, guiding Hands be on you. "


I thought instead of writing a new editorial, I just copy/paste the October one again:

Editorial: 'new trends'

The emerging churches, post christemdom, organic churches, missional churches... how does that effect international missions, and member care?

As I reflect on my personal life in missions, and talk to other missionaries, we all come to the same conclusion: The church in Europe and the church in North America changes. And I guess in other places as well. The secularisation of society back home creates a need for new identity and identification in the church. So new movements, new focusses, new developments emerge, mainly focussing on domestic (missional) emphasis. Which is great for the local churches, as they have a need to become alive again, to be attrative to the old and new community members. But what happens to those who were sent out 10 years ago, 20 years ago, during the 10/40 windows wave. The forgotten ones?

They are still out there, speaking languages no other foreigner speaks, having influence we all dreamed about 20 years ago....they are still out there, while their homechurches fall apart, changes identity, looses international focus, changes interest or cuts support.

Some feel abandoned, or forgotten. Others shift towards business identity. Others try to make it till retirement.

Overall, there is pain and disappointment in the long term mission folk, those who have been out here 10+ years.

Well, I guess by writing this, I try to give a voice to those who feel forgotten.
Please feel free to make any suggestion about addressing this need. I am happy to post it next month.
Harry Hoffmann


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Commerecialized Christian Caregiving
- This week I heard from a counselor whose comments extend far beyond the caregiving professions. Here is part of the message (next paragraph) and my reply: I am very discouraged with the current Christian Counseling and Biblical Counseling movements. I have now entirely separated myself from them. I can't even go to counseling conferences without getting disgusted with the commercialism of Christianity. What do you think of the current movement? - text



Northern Europe
- Drs Debbie and David Hawker are clinical psychologists who specialise in caring for mission personnel and their children. They are based near East Midlands Airport/ Nottingham. They offer assessments, debriefing, therapy, retreats, prayer and training, among other things. Email

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The Well - Member Care Center Chiangmai Thailand
- click here for October Newsletter

Ethne Member Care newsletter
and more

Ethne Member Care newsletter 2
- download here


Set a New Direction - 30% off Career Development and Transition Services
- This is just a note to let you know that I am offering a 30% discount until the end of the year for anyone you might know that needs specific career transition / reentry services. The details are here and here

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retreat for single missionaries, South Africa
- MISSION ENCOURAGEMENT TRUST Mission Encouragement Trust is offering yet another wonderful opportunity of retreat for single missionaries who need spiritual refreshment and a break from the field:
LOCATION: SOUTH AFRICA Good Shepherd Retreat Centre, P O Box 15, Hartbeespoort 0216. Nearest Airport: Johannesburg International Airport
DATES: 3 - 10 March 2011
THEME: The theme of this retreat is: "Living Letters". click here for more information


Counseling in the Chinese world Consultation
- Next year CCW will meet in Thailand 3/14-18/2011.
- In 2012, CCW will meet in Hong Kong 3/12-16/2012.
Email here for more info:

Asia Member Care Network Conference
- April 5-8, 2011 Malaysia
This conference is patterned after the PTM USA Conference supported by Barnabas International. Like the PTM USA Conference, it exists to build, equip and network Member Care Givers in a supportive environment. The conference focuses on:
• Care for NGO (non-government organization) workers
• Personal encouragement for the caregiver
• Professional development of the caregiver
• Proactive and preventive response to NGO workers needs
• Partnership with all involved in care giving to NGO workers click here for more info


children's education, Australia
- For all Mission Agencies in Australia & New Zealand. Do you have personnel heading overseas to work with MKs as teachers, dorm parents or helping with homeschooling?? Most agencies don't give specific orientation for these workers that will prepare them for the unique challenges of teaching in an international school environment or prepare them for the unique characteristics and challenges of working with TCKs. This weekend is specifically designed for these workers. The original course was started in the USA and a similar course has also been running in the UK. For Australians & New Zealanders it has been a huge expense to attend these courses on their way to their ministry location. The first condensed version was successfully held here in Sydney May 2009 with the UK couple who run the UK course. In March next year John & Janine Barclay will lead this weekend again in Sydney. We would encourage you to see this as an important tool for preparing your people for this unique but vital ministry. Please pass on the flyer to anyone who fits this category. Remember one of the reasons families return prematurely from the Field is due to children's education. Let's work together to see as many teachers take up the challenge of ministry to MKs so that we can keep missionary families on the field for as long as God wants them there. click here for more info


Breathe Conference 2011 Switzerland
- Breathe is a 10-day retreat June 22 – July 2, 2011 designed for the renewal and enrichment of singles, couples, and families who serve cross-culturally. Breathe is led by Dr. Daniel and Lori Hahn, who directed Refresh retreats for cross-cultural workers in France for five years. 2009 marked the launch of Breathe in Switzerland. Breathe focuses on giving cross-cultural workers space to be with God and time to restore their souls. It is staffed by pastors, counselors, medical and massage professionals, and others who care for those who work on the front lines.

Rückkehr aus dem Ausland - Reintegration, Germany
- SEMINAR, 06. - 08. Dezember 2010 find more information here



The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care
- Hello folks – I’m the director of a group of counselors in MN who have been providing services to missionaries on furlough and in crisis since 1995. Please check out our website at
As I was looking up good links to give folks for caring for their missionaries in a talk I’m giving this weekend, I came back across your website/blog. I noticed some of the resources you were listing for your readers and I thought you might want to list our annual conference on missionary caregiving for church called
The Midwest Conference on Missionary Care (MC2). This coming February will be the fifth annual conference. We usually have about 250 attendees who come from all around the Midwest and sometimes farther to the event. We have had Bill Taylor, John Powell, Brent Lindquist and Perry Bradford as our featured speakers in past years. This coming February, Larrie Gardner will be our featured speaker. In 2012, it will be George Murray. We also have at least 20 workshops each year that are led by local and regional church leaders and professional caregivers. Please check out more about the event at:

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