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  • MANI Member Care
    MANI Member Care Coordinator for Africa: Marina Prins marina.prins(at)
    MANI Member Care Network Reference Point for West Africa: Mobile Member Care Team West Africa (Regional Coordinator: Patrick Schmidt pschmidtmmct(at)

  • Africa Member Care Network (AMCN)
    Coordinator: Marina Prins, africamembercarenetwork(at) The Africa Member Care Network is an interagency affiliation of colleagues with member care responsibility. Our purpose is to help provide and develop member care resources. This bi-monthly Email Forum is a service dedicated to glorify God through networking, discussion and sharing information on issues related to Member Care within and from Africa.

  • Member Care Training
    Brenda Bosch
    P O Box 33024, Glenstantia, 0010, South Africa.
    Email : tremendousjoy(at)
    Trains Member Care Providers and strengthen groups of missionaries of all agencies through seminars and courses (3 days to 4 weeks) in Asia, Africa and Australia. Provides personal Member Care, debriefing, counselling and help in founding Sending Cells for missionaries on the field and at home. Author of a Member Care Training Manual (to be published in 2011).


  • Mobile Member Care Team - East Africa
    UGANDA as a base to serve East Africa

    Mike and Gail Koski
    Email: mikekmmct(at)
    Email: gailkmmct(at)
    The Mobile Member Care Team-East Africa serves several countries in East Africa with crisis response training, critical incident stress debriefing, crisis management consulting, interpersonal skills workshops, referral and training and mentoring of peer responders. Currently based in Kampala, Uganda. Though the team is presently small, Mike and Gail coordinate the efforts of several Associate Staff who join in from time to time as well as several peer crisis responders.

  • Oasis Africa Counselling Center
    Dr. Gladys K. Mwiti, PhD Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Trauma Specialist
    Chief Executive & Founder
    P.O. Box 76117-00508, Nairobi
    Email: glmwiti(at)   glmwiti(at)
    Supervises and leads a team of 10 MA Counseling Psychologists. Together offering trauma psychosocial services, trauma assessment, training in team building and conflict resolution and equipping to humanitarian staff in sub-Sahara Africa. Language: English, Kiswahili.

  • Tumaini Counselling Centre
    Mark Phippen, Clinical Team Leader
    P.O. Box 21141, Nairobi, Kenya
    Serving missionaries working in 26 African nations from over 100 mission organizations: care following trauma and evacuations, marriage/family counseling, short-term individual counseling, consulting with MK schools and organizations, and preventive care seminars

North Africa

  • Contact for North Africa:
    North Africa Member Care Network - namcnet(at)

  • Selah
    Malaga, Spain
    Dr. Alex Galloway, Director
    Email: alexinspain(at)
    Selah is a multidisciplinary team (therapists, pastors, spiritual directors, trainers) living in community in Southern Spain providing care and training for cross-cultural workers in the areas of assessment, trauma, spiritual formation, individual/family/marriage counseling, debriefing and cross-cultural adjustment. Additionally, Dr. Alex Galloway provides oversight and supervision to 7 peer crisis responders, most of whom live in North Africa.


  • YWAM South Central Africa (Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia & Zimbabwe)
    Anisa Moosa, Missionary Care and Development Coordinator
    My job is to coordinate the care & development of our missionaries in South Central Africa, this includes Angola, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. I travel to the different ministry locations as often as I can and give the needed care which could be debriefing, training, teaching, resourcing material, counseling, conflict resolution/management etc.


    Focus Areas of Ministry:
    * Assessment of missionaries
    * Training and equipping of churches
    * On-field care
    * Re-entry care
    * Networking and Research


    Dr Willie Van Der Merwe DMin, MA, MTh
    Clinical/Pastoral/Consulting Psychologist
    Email: drwillievandermerwe(at)

    Focus Areas of Ministry: 
    Crisis response training;
    Critical incident stress debriefing;
    Crisis management consulting;
    Assessment of missionaries before deployment;
    Team assessments and building;
    Marriage/family counseling;
    Short-term individual counseling

    International Training Partners (ITP)
    Alan and Jennifer de Cerff
    P.O. Box 201716, Durban 4016 South Africa
    Email: decerff(at)
    Email: jenna(at)
    Providing Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshops for mission agencies and the church. Using an interactive adult learning style, topics include: listening, confrontation, conflict management, stress. Team and individual coaching.

  • YWAM Member Care Southern Africa
    Dave Stroud, Co-ordinator
    Email: dercon(at)
    Encouraging ongoing pro-active member care and training in member care with the hope of seeing our mission grow in the area of caring for our people. Developing structures that will facilitate member care awareness in leaders and in missionaries. Rendering trauma care where needed.

  • Beulah Retreat, South Africa
    What does Beulah Retreat offer? On this fynbos farm, people are welcomed to share the gracious, comfortable home God has provided for His children. Amidst the beauty of creation found in the spectacular sunsets, the quiet grandeur of the mountain ranges, the natural veld with its fynbos and protea, the wind in the treetops and the bird song, God waits to give the individual a deep sense of His presence, His Peace and His love. This is a special place where you can be yourself and are accepted for who you are. You are encouraged to spend time alone to listen to God, to yourself, to others in your life. It is a place of refreshment and renewal, new growth and new beginnings. Supportive listeners are available. Comfortable, full-board accommodation is provided. Facilities include a spacious prayer room and lecture room. A fixed tariff per person per day is suggested and includes all meals. Beulah is ideal for individuals and small groups of up to 24 people. Facilities are generally not suitable for children.


  • SIL Africa Area
    Margaret Hill
    Email: Margaret_hill(at)
    Facilitating church leaders to deal with the aftermath of trauma such as wars or natural disasters. Training arranged based on the book “Healing the Wounds of Trauma, how the Church can Help”. Help also given in translating this material into local languages.


  • Mobile Member Care Team West Africa
    GHANA as a base to serve West Africa

    Patrick Schmidt, West Africa Regional Coordinator
    Sue Schmidt, West Africa Training Coordinator
    Email: pschmidtmmct(at)
    Email: sueschmidtmmct(at)
    An inter-mission multidisciplinary group of counselors and trainers focusing on trauma care. Also providing crisis response training, critical incident stress debriefing, crisis management consulting, interpersonal skills workshops, brief counseling, referral and training and mentoring of peer response teams. This team serves 14 countries in West Africa from its base in Accra, Ghana.

  • Anke Tissingh
    Dakar, Sénégal
    Email: akt.inafrica(at)
    Anke Tissingh serving as Member Care Provider, interagency, interdenominationally for the region of West Africa. Also serving on the Trauma Response Team, Ywam - Africa has set up.
    Languages: Dutch, French, English, Spanish.

    Africa Christian Mission
    Seth Anyomi, Director
    Box 2632, Accra
    Email: skanyomi(at)
    Counseling and Encouragement to Missionaries battling stress and emotional difficulties.
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