• Book: Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile

    Bushong, a licensed marriage and family therapist, delves into this previously, unexplored world of how to effectively counsel clients raised outside of their parents' home culture. The readers will discover what are the basic characteristics and counseling skills effective with Third Culture Kids (those who have spent the majority of their developmental years outside of their passport country). Because of the rapid growth of the expat community, counselors must look at the uniqueness of working with children who grow up as a Third Culture Kid, the common presenting issues for adults TCKs and what often lies hidden beneath the surface. The book is filled with practical examples, interesting stories, tips, charts, resources, theories, techniques and discussion questions for further study.

  • Book - Spiritual Survival

    Spiritual Survival - Handbook for Cross-Cultural Workers
    The fight for survival is real. You serve--or are preparing to serve--in the spiritually desolate areas of our world. The elements you face each day are intense. What can you do to prepare for the challenges? Dr. Robert Miller presents a preparedness strategy for surviving the wilderness of ministry that is helpful for the new and the experienced alike.

  • Book: Trauma & Resilience:

    A Handbook (Kindle Edition)
    Are you looking for resources to come alongside people who are suffering as they serve God? This book brings together theological perspectives; personal stories; and spiritual, psychological, community, and medical resources. It is research-based and at the same time practical. This is a handbook for church and mission leaders, peer supporters, counselors, those in personnel and member care roles, as well as those who suffer. It is also an excellent resource for training courses about this topic.

  • "Trauma & Resilience: Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God"

    The book "Trauma & Resilience: Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God" has just been published. It has been written by a team of authors: Karen Carr, Ann Hamel, Scott Shaum, and us. We have also been the editors. It is written with lay people, member care providers, and counselors in mind. It is both research based and practical. Examples draw a lot on mission experience. At the same time, church leaders and caring individuals and teams, as well as affected individuals will also benefit.

    There is a special introductory price available at Condeo Press until December 1st. Also, the book will be available for a reduced price of $15 at the Mental Health and Missions Conference in Indiana this year.

    I have attached some additional information with the Table of Contents to help people understand what the book is all about.

  • List of member care books - Compiled by Belinda Ng

    Book Titles on Member Care Resources

    Jordan, P. (1992).Re-entry: Making the transition from missions to life at home.
    Seattle, WA, USA: YWAM Publishing.
    (A practical overview of the process of re-entry and advice for successful re-entry.)

    Knell, M (2007). Burn-Up or Splash Down: Surviving the Culture Shock of Re-entry, Authentic Publishing, USA

    Bowers, J. (Ed.). (1998). Raising Resilient MKs: Resources for caregivers, parents, and teachers. (An extensive, current compilation of some of the best articles on MK care/education….) Colorado Springs, CO, USA: Association of Christian Schools International.

    Pirolo, N. (1991). Serving As Senders: Six ways to care for your missionaries
    Pirolo, N. (2000), The Re-entry Team – Caring for your returning missionaries.
    San Diego, CA, USA: Emmaus Road.

    Taylor, W. (Ed.). (1997). Too valuable to lose: Exploring the causes and cures of missionary attrition. Pasadena, CA, USA: William Carey Library. (A compilation of
    27 articles on attrition and the implications for selection, training, and pastoral care.)

    Dennett, J. (1990). Personal Encouragement and Growth for Every Missionary: A practical approach to biblical caring and counselling. Pymble, NSW, Australia: Gospel and Missionary Society..

    Foyle, M. (2001). Honourably wounded: Stress among Christian workers. Overcoming missionary stress (Rev. ed.). London, UK, and Grand Rapids,

    Pollock, D., & Van Reken, R. (1999). The Third Culture Kid Experience: Growing up among worlds. Yarmouth, ME, USA: Intercultural Press. (A thorough and enlightening description of the challenges and benefits of being raised in more than one culture.)

    Hay, R, Lim, V, Blocher, D, Ketelaar,J, & Hay, S. (2007 World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission ) WorthKeeping-Global Perspectives on Best Practice in Missionary Retention. William Carey Library.

    Andrews, L. (General Ed) Bowers, J. & Powell, J. (Consulting Eds)(2004) The Family in Mission: Understanding and Caring for Those Who Serve. Mission Training International

    Powell, J. & Bowers, J. (Eds) (2002 Missionary Training International):
    Enhancing Missionary Vitality. Mental Health Professions Serving Global Missions.

    Lindquist, B (2008) Bringing Member Care Home: Member Health? Thoughts about contextualizing care. Link Care Center, Global Member Care Network, WEA MC.

    Prinns, M  & Willemse, B (2002) Member Care for Missionaries: A Practical Guide for Senders. Member Care Southern Africa, P.O. Box 1416 Brackenfell, 7561 South Africa

    Dodds, L & Gardner, L.(2010) Global Servants, Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes. Volume 1: Formation and Development of These Heroes
    (2011) Volume 2: Factors in Effectiveness and Longevity, Heartstream Resources, Inc.

  • Schaefer, F. & Schaefer C.(Eds & Contributors). (2012) Trauma & Resilience, A Handbook. Effectively Supporting Those Who Serve God. Condeo Press, USA

  • 28 devotionals for first time mission workers
    Steps on the Missionary Road

  • Before you go
    Jack Hempfling, the author of “Before you go”, has served on many short term ministry teams around the world. His book comprises of 40 short devotional readings which have been especially written for people preparing to go on short term mission.

  • Book on Re-Entry
    Re-Entry - Making the transition from missions to life at home? YWAM Publishing
    Purchase from Amazon

  • Families in Ministry - How to thrive, not just survive
    Click here to view

  • Global Servants: Cross-cultural Humanitarian Heroes:

    Factors in Formation Effectiveness and Care
    Vol I. Factors in Formation
    Vol. II. Twelve Factors in Effectiveness and Longevity
    Available now online e-versions or paper copies:

    Vol. III. The Art and Heart of Agency Care
    Forthcoming--Summer release

  • Home Keeps Moving
    My name is Heidi Sand-Hart and I am a missionary kid who grew up in India, England and Norway.
    I have recently written a book about being a missionary kid and it is getting published in America by McDougal Publishing. Ruth E. Van Reken has written a great foreword for the book and it will be released in mid-July. I see that you are devoted to ongoing work with TCKs and thought you might be interested in "Home Keeps Moving" as it gives a lot of insight into the many struggles and subjects that "TCKs" deal with. My book is a more personal approach to a subject that has, up until now, been mostly theoretical.
    Would you be interested in promoting "Home Keeps Moving" for me? It will be available to buy on and as well as through Christian bookshops in the USA from mid-July onwards. My publisher's website has more info on the actual book:

  • Honorably Wounded
    Book: Honorably Wounded, by Marjory F. Foyle
    Dr. Foyle is among the premier voices in the development of the emerging missionary member care field. When she speaks others should listen. She has impeccable credentials: career missionary, medical doctor/psychiatrist, PhD in psychology, researcher, practitioner, and student of the Scripture. Her writing is like her speaking: pointed, clear, grounded in experience and research, no nonsense, and practical. I highly recommend this book to any
    missionary, member care provider, or other interested party. Honourably Wounded is a seminal work in the field of missionary care. It is a classic. Dealing with Depression and Discouragement, Adjustment and Culture Shock,
    Occupational Stress, Interpersonal Relationships, Parental and Home-country Stress, Stress and Singleness, Missionary Marriages, Stress and Missionary Children.
    For info on reentry stress see pages 223-243 'Re-entry Stress' in 'Honourably Wounded'

  • 'In his image: Understanding and embracing the poor'
    'In his image: Understanding and embracing the poor' by Andy Matheson (Intl Director of Oasis) is a book which has just been published. This is not a member care book as such, but it is highly relevant to everyone whose work involves reaching out to the poor, and working for justice. It is written very clearly, and is based on the fact that we are all made in God's image, and so we should aim to relate to people as individuals, not just as part of our project. As well as discussing holistic ministry, the book covers many other topics such as working with other ministries (rather than seeing them as competition); prayer; empowerment; receiving, and celebration. I believe that if we followed the principles in this book, we would see more satisfied mission workers, more effective ministry, more hope, and fewer cases of division, exhaustion and burnout. So - maybe it is relevant to member care after all. Moreover, I believe God will be glorified as we work for justice, following the principles described in this book. I highly recommend it. (Dr Debbie Hawker, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, InterHealth, London, UK)

  • Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period!Lessons from the Battle Lines.
    - Here's a new book, Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period!Lessons from the Battle Lines. It is useful for member care, discipleship and personal growth.
    It is realistic, practical and personal, applying biblical truth in real life situations in the midst of tough ministry. With short chapters and clear application, the book is easy to read. Many chapters are "stand alone" and can be used for counseling assignments. Some chapter subjects: Every day spiritual warfare; using the armor; personal worship that transforms; forgiveness, the highest form of obedience; dealing with sin by confessing in layers and confessing ahead; learning how to let go of the temporal, hold on to the eternal and rise above events; transformation via meditation on Scripture.
    Reader's comment: “I just finished reading this excellent book and my mind is filled with so many new tools to help me live the way God wants me to live. Applying what this book teaches would be life changing. The author uses actual experiences from his own life to explain and illustrate how to be filled with joy, no matter what the circumstances. There are sections on Worship, Prayer, Scriptural Meditation, Confession, Spiritual Warfare and others. The writing is easy to follow and every point is well explained, with honest, real life examples. I plan to read it again and start putting these principles to work.”
    Title: Knowing Jesus is Enough for Joy, Period! 314 pages; includes a study guide.
    Available in paperback and ebook at: (best price)
    as well as Amazon and Barnes & Noble :

  • Recovering from Traumatic Stress: A Guide for Missionaries
    Recovering from Traumatic Stress: A Guide for Missionaries is a self-help manual just released by William Carey Library, The book gives basic information about the symptoms of post-traumatic stress, personal accounts of missionaries who have experienced traumatic events, and resources for missionaries throughout the world.

  • Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home
    Re-Entry: Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home , by Peter Jordan

  • Renewal for the Wounded Warrior by R. Loren Sandford

  • The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries
    The Reentry Team: Caring for Your Returning Missionaries by Neal Pirolo

  • Third Culture Kids, Revised Edition
    Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds Revised Edition at

  • Transitioning after a crisis
    Just want you to know that I have written a book to assist missionaries
    who are transitioning after a crisis. The book is Recovery from Traumatic
    Stress: A resource for missionaries. It's in the final publication stages at
    William Carey Library and should be available in May. We have included some of the resources in your newsletter in the book. Thanks for the updates!, Joyce Pelletier, LCPC,

  • Unrooted Childhoods: Memoirs of Growing Up Global
    Unrooted - Real, Rich, Rewarding - Read It

  • Working from a place of rest
    My latest book, Working from a place of rest (BRF 2010), by Tony Horsfall, with a foreword by Dr Debbie Hawker. It looks at the example of Jesus as a pattern for sustaining ministry over the long haul.
    amazon link

  • Ira Says Goodby – a children’s story about closure and saying good-bye in a healthy way.

  • Johnson, Dr. Spencer, Who Moved My Cheese?, G P Putnam’s Sons, 1998. This bestseller has become a classic, and the subtitle describes it well: “An A-mazing Way to Deal with Change in your work and in your life.” In this simple parable, the characters are faced with unexpected change, and one of them learns how to deal with it effectively and shares what he has learned with the others.
    The children’s version is: Who Moved My Cheese for Kids

  • Bowers, Joyce, Ed. Raising Resilient MKs, 1998, ACSI. Joyce Bowers has compiled a one volume reference library, treating every aspect of missionary children’s experiences. Some articles are reprints from Janet Blomberg’s Interact, ACSI’s World Report, former ICMK conferences in Nairobi and Quito, with other articles by authors such as David Pollock, Cynthia Storrs, and Phil Rennicks.

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